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The Law Library Digital Collection includes PDF and HTML files. All PDF files have been processed to allow for full text searching, and as a result, are large. A fast internet connection is advised. You will have difficulties with slower dial up connections. Adobe Reader version 6 or greater is required to view these files and is available to download for free at

How to Locate a Brief or Opinion

To search, enter a search request in the space provided and select the desired index from the Indexes to Search box. Click the Search button. A list of matching documents will appear. To view a document in the list, click on the link. After you have opened a document, you can use the navigation buttons within your PDF reader (e.g., Adobe, Preview, Foxit Reader) to browse pages within that document.

To locate specific words and phrases within documents, you can use the 'Control' + 'F' (PC) or 'Command' + 'F' (Mac) keyboard shortcut to open your Web browser's Find feature. Within your browser's Find search box, enter the word or phrase you wish to locate and press 'Enter'. This will highlight occurrences of the word or phrase within the document. Pressing 'Enter' will allow you to skip from one occurrence to the next.

To print PDF files from within your reader, we recommend using the PDF reader pluginÕs (eg. Adobe Reader) print function. To print opinions [HTML files], use your browserÕs print function. Click on your browser's File tab, then select the Print menu and follow the directions on your screen.

More detailed instructions for searching the Digital Collection are provided in the paragraphs below.

Google Search the Digital Collection

Use the Google Search Bar to conduct searches of Oregon Supreme Court and Court of Appeals opinions. Search using case or file number, party name(s), statute number, or keyword. For more precise searches, you may also use Boolean operators. For more information on Boolean operators, please click the Help button located next to the search form.

Note: This feature works for searching Oregon Supreme Court and Oregon Court of Appeals Digital Collections only.

Search by Case Citation or File Number

Select an index under Indexes to Search box, e.g., Oregon Court of Appeals Briefs. To highlight more than one index, hold down the control key [Ctrl].

To search by Case Citation:

Type the citation in the search box, no spaces and add an asterisk (*) at the end. Select the desired index from the Indexes to Search box.


  1. Highlight Oregon Court of Appeals Briefs in the Indexes to Search box
  2. Enter 212orapp488* in the Search For box
  3. Click the Search Button

To search by File Number:

Type the file number in the Search For box and add an asterisk (*) both before and after the file number.


  1. Highlight Oregon Supreme Court Briefs in the Indexes to Search box
  2. Enter *54199* in the Search For box
  3. Click the Search Button

Search by Keyword

If you do not know the case citation or file number for the case you are seeking, you can search the opinions and briefs databases using keywords.

To search by Keyword:

Enter search terms into the Search For box and choose criteria for your search from the drop down box located next to the Search button. Criteria includes All of the words, Any of the words, the exact phrase, and Boolean. Upon entering your search terms and selecting criteria, highlight the database you wish to search in the Indexes to Search box.

For more information on using Boolean operators and conducting more precise Keyword searches, please select the Help button located next to the search form.


Abbreviations have been added to file numbers and citations to help you identify the brief type. These abbreviations have been taken from the Oregon Appellate Court Management System, ACMS. At present, we are using the following:

ANWR: Response/Objection - Other Response/Answer/Return
BCAX: Combined Answering and Cross-Assignment of Error
BCRA: Combined Reply and Answering on Cross-Assignment of Error
BRAC: Amicus Curiae brief
BRAX: Answering on Cross Appeal/Petition
BRCA: Combined Answering and Cross-Opening
BRCO: Opening - on Cross-Appeal/Petition
BRCR: Combined Reply and Answering on Cross-Appeal/Petition
BRCS: Answering - on Cross-Assignment of Error
BRIN: Intervenor brief
BRMP: On Merits - Petitioner on Review
BRMR: On Merits - Respondent on Review
BROP: Opening brief
BROT: Other brief
BRRP: Reply brief
BRRS: Answering brief
BRRX: Reply on Cross-Appeal/Petition
BRSP: Supplemental brief
BRYX: Reply on Cross-Assignment of Error
MMAB: Memorandum - Answering and Ballot Title Packet
MRBT: Memorandum - Replying - Ballot Title
PTBT: Initiating Document - Petition for Review - Ballot Title
PTRC: Petition - Reconsideration
PTRV: Initiating Document - Petition for Review - CA Decision
RNRY: Response/Objection - Reply
RPRC: Response/Objection - Response - Petition for Reconsideration
RPRV: Response/Objection - Response to Petition for Review
app: Appellant
pet: Petitioner
prose: Pro Se (used only if more than one Pro Se document of same name)
res: Respondent
sup: Supplemental

Note: If there are letters after a document name, it means there more than one was filed and the letters following show who filed the brief (e.g., BRSPapp, BRSPres)